Privacy policy

1. What is Golden Go privacy policy?
In Golden Go group our priority is to offer you a high quality service, facilitating your urban and interurban trips in a comfortable way while respecting the
environment. In addition, we also take care of the privacy of your personal information. We offer you the possibility to know and have control over your
personal data. With this purpose, we share with you this Privacy Policy (the  Privacy Policy), by virtue of which you can be informed, in a simple and transparent way, the features of the use that we exercise on your personal data for, among other purposes, being able to provide you our Service.
At any time, you will have access to this Privacy Policy, which is published in the Privacy section of the Golden Go website (the Website) and the mobile app (hereinafter, the App, and together with the Website, the Platforms). On the Website, the Privacy section is located at the bottom, while on the App it is on the login page.

2. The Responsible for the treatment of your Personal Data

The Responsible for the Treatment of your Personal Data is Golden Go, i.e., Golden Wheels & Golden Events, S.L., whose data and description appear
below: Golden wheels & Golden Events S.L. Limited company, of Spanish nationality, with registered office at Calle Miquel Torelló i Pagés 33-35 08750 Molins de Rei, Barcelona.
At Golden Go we are responsible for your Personal Data, and we take steps to ensure how we use and protect your Personal Data. You can ask us, if it is of your interest, to provide you with the essential aspects of these measures in the Help section, which is available on the Platforms.

3. What are the Personal Data that we are going to use?
In order to offer you a high-quality service that meets your needs, we will use your personal data indicated below (hereinafter, and together with any other information that we may obtain from you, the Personal Data) :

1. Those personal data that you provide when registering a user account: name and surname, email address, telephone or mobile number, postal address,  country, bank details, password and ID or equivalent.
2. Other information due to the use of the service or the Platforms, among others: (i) your location; (ii) your IP address; (iii) the trips and trips made; (iv) the identification code that we assign you internally from Golden Go as a user; (v) your browsing through the Platforms (dates and times you access, sections of the Platforms that you visit, etc.); as well as (vi) the browser, hardware and software used.
3. We can also obtain information or data from social networks, which will send it to us in the event that you have accepted it in the terms and conditions of the corresponding social network.

4. When will your Personal Data be used?
1. For the provision of the service

To provide the service, we need to use your Personal Data, and specifically, for the following purposes:
• Get in touch with you to give you information related to a trip or trip in progress, either via email, phone or text messages (SMS) as well as sending the verification code when you register and / or log in.
• Allow you to consult a history of all the trips you have made. To do this, you simply have to access the Journey history section included in the drop-down menu.
• Offer you the best care and assistance. Through our Help Center we offer you assistance at any time for any doubts, comments, suggestions or incidents related to the Service that you want to raise with us. The aforementioned help can only be provided if we have your Personal Data.

2. Marketing actions

We may use your Personal Data to send you promotions, news, products related to Golden Go and third parties with sectors related to our products and consumption. In any case, keep in mind that you can unsubscribe from these communications at any time. To do this, you will simply have to click on the Unsubscribe link contained in any of the communications.

3. Updates to our app

At Golden Go we are constantly working on improving our Application and  Website, for that reason, we carry out tests, research and analytical studies to improve the quality of the Service. Being able to optimize it, make it more functional and adapt it to your needs. These jobs often require some of your Personal Data.

4. Anti-fraud system

To prevent potential fraud against you and Golden Go, we have implemented measures that make our Platform a safe place. For example, we will ask you to validate your account by entering a code that you will receive by SMS and, in some cases, we will ask you to send us a photograph of your ID. Likewise, when we detect the existence of charges or irregular information, we will contact you to ensure that everything is correct. In some cases, we will have to disclose information related to your trips to the issuing entities of your means of payment to resolve possible conflicts.

5. Your opinion is very important

It is very useful to know your opinion about Golden Go in order to improve day by day and make decisions that make us a company in tune with our users.
Therefore, at the end of the service you will be able to rate from 1 to 5 the experience of your trip with us and leave a comment if you wish. All evaluations will be treated and studied with the utmost confidentiality and rigor. Of course, you won have to give us your opinion if you don’t want to.

6. Corporate clients

In those cases where you use the Service through the corporate account that your company has with Golden Go, we will share the data related to your trips with your employer.


5. Period of conservation of Personal Data
The period of conservation of your Personal Data will be during the time that you have your user account active with Golden Go. The deletion of your personal data will take place when you delete your user account. However, your personal data will always be treated with the strictest confidentiality and in accordance with the provisions of this privacy policy.

6. Why is it lawful for us to use your Personal Data?
At Golden Go we use your Personal Data in a lawful manner, as required by the applicable regulations on the matter. For this, we indicate below the legal basis we have to use said data:

1. It is necessary to be able to execute the contract that binds us with you from the moment you accept our Terms and Conditions. Otherwise, you will not be able to enjoy the Service.

2. To send you news, offers and promotions based on your profile only if you have given us your consent to do so. Remember that you can ask us at any time to stop sending you these personalized communications.

3. To carry out tests, research and analytical studies that improve the quality of our Service, allow us to make it more functional and adapt it to your needs.

4. To try to prevent potential fraud related to the Service, such as, for example, that a third party outside of Golden Go tries to use your bank details or that charges are made not related to your trips, etc.

5. To know the perception you have about Golden Go, as it will allow us to make strategic decisions that are adapted to the needs and concerns of all our users.


7. Will we share your Personal Data with third parties?
Yes. In order to provide the Service with the highest quality we need to share with external providers that help us with different issues related to the Service. Here we indicate who these third parties are:
1. Golden Go group entities. We need to assign or allow access to your Personal Data to different entities of the Golden Go group in order to correctly develop the Service. The entities that make up the Golden Go group are detailed below:
• Storage service provider entity. This entity helps us to store your Personal Data and other information related to the Service in a secure way.
• Service provider for conducting surveys or market and marketing studies. We rely on this entity to carry out statistical and market studies on the valuation of Golden Go.
2. Public authorities or bodies for the development of their functions. On some occasions, the regulations require us to transfer your Personal Data to authorities or public bodies so that they can carry out their functions. For example, tax or judicial authorities In this way, they will use them for their own purposes. Without prejudice to the fact that the country in which you are located is outside the European Economic Area, we want to inform you that some of the above entities are located or can access your Personal Data from countries that, in the opinion of the European Commission, do not provide a level of protection for them similar to that which exists in the European Union. We know that these countries do not provide a comparable level of protection because the European Commission has not approved an “adequacy decision”. In these cases, the transfers of your Personal Data are carried out in any case with the appropriate guarantees to protect their security:

• Sometimes we have signed Standard Contractual Clauses approved by the European Commission. You can check its content at the following link:

• On other occasions, our providers have adhered to the Privacy Shield, about which you can consult more information at the following link:


8. Your rights in matters of data Protection
As a user of Golden Go, you have a series of rights so that you can decide and control at all times how we use your Personal Data. You can exercise your rights at any time for free in the Help Center of the Website and in the Application. In order to meet your request, we need to confirm your identity, so you must provide us with a copy of your identity document; We would also appreciate if you could indicate the right you wish to exercise. If your application does not meet the above requirements, we will ask you to correct it.
In particular, you have the following rights:
• You can ask us to tell you whether or not we are using your Personal Data; If we are using them, we will also transfer additional information such as what personal data we have about you, what we are using them for, the entities with which we share them, the period during which we are going to keep your data or if we are carrying out profiles, among other issues.
• You can ask us to modify some of the Personal Data we have about you so that it is accurate and up to date. In fact, keep in mind that you must keep the Personal Data that appears in your user account updated at all times. You can do it in the My account section accessible from the drop-down menu. • You can ask us to delete the Personal Data we have about you (i) when they are no longer necessary for the purpose for which we use them, (ii) when you withdraw your consent, in the event that we only process them to develop purposes based in the same.
• You can ask us to temporarily restrict the use of your Personal Data (i) when you consider that your data is inaccurate until we verify or update it (keep in mind that, in the meantime, you will not be able to enjoy the Service); (ii) when we no longer need them to carry out the purposes indicated in section 4 above but you prefer that we keep them so that you can exercise or defend yourself  against claims and (iii) when you object to our use of your data for any of the purposes contained in number 2 of section 4 of this Privacy Policy, while we assess whether the legitimate interest we have in Golden Go prevails over your right to oppose our use.

• You can request that we deliver directly to you or that we deliver to another entity, whenever technically possible, a structured file, commonly used and readable by a computer system, containing the Personal Data related to the trips you have made with the indicated limit in section 4 of this Policy, as well as any other information related to the provision of the Service.
• You can file a claim with the competent control authority for data protection. In your case, the competent authorities are the following:
• You can oppose our use of your data for any of the purposes listed in number 2 of section 4 of this Privacy Policy. We especially want to remind you that you can ask us to stop analyzing your profile to send you promotional communications.


9. Privacy Policy Updates
If for any reason we decide to make any changes to our Privacy Policy, we will inform you before the changes become effective. This way you will be able to know all the changes before we update them.


10. What are Cookies?
Cookies are small text files that are stored locally in the memory of web browsers. This contributes to offering a better service to our users. By way of example, the use of cookies allows us to understand how a user browses our website, what interactions they carry out, remember access details and store browsing preferences. The next few paragraphs explain how we use cookies to ensure that our services work properly, improve the user experience, analyze data and prevent fraud.
1. How we use Cookies
Cookies help us to offer a better and closer service. We modify cookies over time as we improve our service. These are the main use cases:
• Security. Through the specifications of the equipment and browsers used to access our website, we can provide you with a safer experience.
• Analyze and improve the user experience. Thanks to the use of cookies, we can better understand how our users reach our website and provide us with information about the use and general behavior on it. This allows us to analyze which areas we can improve, to provide a more complete service and a better user experience.

2. Use of other technologies

• We use third-party tools, which use cookies and similar technologies, to collect and analyze information about the use of our services. Thanks to this we can identify trends and changes to improve the user experience and service to the user.
• Pixel tags. (also known as beacons) are used in conjunction with other services to, among other things, measure our marketing campaigns and develop statistics about the use of our services.
3. Cookies management
You can delete and / or disable Golden Go cookies from your web browser settings.